Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Between Journeys

She closed her eyes on a night fairly normal, 
not quite cold and not too hot,
as the warmth of her covers shield her like a cocoon, 
she drifts into nothingness. 

and when she looks down she sees herself,
just a shell with echoes deep.
One great journey complete, and the next even greater,
but first, a visit, long overdue.

She flies higher and higher, leaving the stars far behind,
and breaks through the layers, going faster and surer. 
Finally penetrating the last dark line, she emerges and sees,
Brightness, so Bright, the sun is a shadow.

Her grandfather appears and takes her hand, with gentle smile,
they walk through layers of dreams and thoughts,
and finally arrive in a room, impossibly large,
And her family welcomes her, She is Home, at last. 

- Diya
An interpretation in my opinion on what must happen after we die- just a concept. Hope you life it (:

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