Friday, October 31, 2014


She will act her part of happiness
in the play for the great critic Life,
but her eyes will tell a different story.
and if you look into them you will know. 

You will know she has lost
more than most people do,
and she refuses to get too close,
for fear of losing others.

But the show must go on,
and the ratings are in as critics say ‘Five Stars!’ 
For she is still standing,
and she is just getting started. 

How someone can withstand so much,
and still have plenty to give, 
selfless and dauntless, 
strength defined.

- Diya
Hi (: I just wanted to say this poem is very special to me because I wrote it for my mom, and when she read it she cried (which freaked me out because i thought it was THAT BAD but it turns out she loved it) and I decided to share it. Do share it on your walls as well so more people can read it and take a look at my other poems too, they should be displayed along the side of this post.


  1. Great!Soul stirring and more so because your mum is so special.....we have shared such beautiful times together!
    Well done Diya!