Sunday, November 23, 2014


In the ocean mankind used to stand,
for we all start out as a grain of sand.
Until we transform to someone grand,
Like her, extraordinary girl.
And here is a story,
a snippet of her life journey,
all part of her history,
and how she dreamed of becoming a pearl.

Fizzled out the last of the spark,
as the days grew very dark,
and she prayed every night, 'Angels, Hark!'.
Oh poor, extraordinary girl.
She is surrounded by snapping traps,
Poring over musty, uncertain maps,
until something in her core snaps,
and she yells out, defiant,
'I WILL come out a pearl!'

The first of three,
She searches for the key,
that will set her free,
to become an extraordinary girl.
She finds help from an unexpected place,
and it is all a race,
who will first find the place?
Will she become a pearl?

Those who judged her mild,
quickly changed when her only child,
she won in a battle wild,
Bravo, extraordinary girl!
She said, 'I will no longer play the part of wife!
I will never again be put through this strife!'
And she shone like a knife,
Finally, beautifully, illuminating Pearl!

This poem is about my Aunt Bina, in honour of her birthday! Those of you who know her personally will understand it immediately and for those of you who don't I hope you will be able to put it all together! Enjoy! :)