Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Ok to Cry

Salty shine from within the eyes,
are a common sight for most.
but there is always the endangered human,
who acts like they’re a ghost.

She was one of the rare few,
who hid behind her wall
that was built into her system, she knew so well,
she made sure no one could see her fall.

Life had been harder on her, than on most,
and she had in turn, learned how to cope with it.
hiding her true feelings unless she was alone,
because only then the flames in her eyes were lit.

So young and yet her father’s moved on,
to whatever comes after this ordeal,
and the boy who won’t stop playing her heart,
helped her develop nerves of steel.

I never thought she’d show me the flame
that stays buried so deep inside
but her eyes burning crimson, and glistening, too,
had me realise: everything’s not alright.

I saw a part of her that day that put me in emotional turmoil,
and I don’t think she can ever really see
the feelings I went through upon witnessing hers,
and how much her tears meant to me.

For a Friend
And to you~ remember and never forget- Whether you are a boy or a girl, It's always ok to cry.

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