Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sandy Hook, 2012

A/N: So back in 2012, I wasn't very familiar with current events and the like. So, I was oblivious during the time of the Newtown Sandy Hook shooting. Recently (VERY recently) I happened across a video that covered the whole story. After a little extra research of my own, it was safe to say I was quite mentally disturbed. So, I did what any writer would do. I wrote. I would just like to say that the following is pretty depressing, and quite dark, however, so was the shooting. Finally I will also add that every single line, including dialogue, actually took place. I did the research. 
Sandy Hook, 2012

20 children, 6 adults
woke up one morning perfectly fine
kissed their loved ones goodbye and departed
to school, yet also forever. 

One man in his family home
strikes his mother’s head with bullets three
his body starved of hunger and emotion as
he takes his guns and he drives.

Little children, barely lived
spanning ages six to seven,
went into their first grade classrooms
greeting teachers and reciting the pledge of allegiance.  

Thuds are heard outside
the glass panes shatter and hammering
of bullets calls everyone to attention as
the barricades begin. 911-911-911……

Children are ushered with their teachers into
bathrooms, libraries and storage units.
'silent, stay silent, don’t make a sound,
we’re all going to be alright'- innocent lies.

His shadow approaching as he forces his way through 
the door hiding fifteen young souls and a substitute teacher
not meant to be present. Fingers danced over trigger
and bodies are riddled with foreign metal.

Light forever extinguished from children’s eyes
woman victim of circumstance
bodies lying cold and rotting on the floor, staring emptily
as a little red river begins. One Lone Survivor plays dead.

In another classroom all can be heard as
Children are hiding under desks (too futile).
As he rushes in to attack 
maniacal firing begins anew.

Little girl hiding in the closet hears her friend cry out
‘Help me! I don’t want to be here!’ the angry man's voice replies
‘Well you’re here.’ and hammering sounds continue.
That six year old child knew his fate, how cruel could that be? 

Finally after The Man fells the grand total
of 20 children and 6 adults
he places a gun to his head with closed eyes
and a final shot is rung. 

Badges and authority enter but now
for what use are they to the children
who’s lives can never be returned,
and don’t get me started on the parents. 

Lone Survivor is taken to safety
her body coated in different bloods. 
She rushes to her mother’s embrace eyes wide and states blandly-
‘Mommy, I’m okay but all my friends are dead.’ 

All her friends are dead. 
And even a six year old knows 
what the United States Government refuses
to see, and when is it all going to stop? 

December 14, 2012- the Sandy Hook MASSACRE
20 children and 6 adults shot dead
varying from ages 6- 56 of age
74 more school shootings since then in the US alone. 

What more must I say to you? 

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