Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Dance

Fluid I move,
fingertips cold, 
raise arms and flow,
move energies with force 
that imperfection
like art, 
does not explode but
slowly dissolves and ingrates with 
the core of your being. 
dance with me 
and we’ll talk awhile,
about magic and spirits and silly things.
spin me around
round and round
till the room revolves around us together, 
the lights blend as one and we
shine brighter than them all

Fluid, like 
water underwater,
ballads of tragedies and ribbons 
winding into each other
Dance with me 
Stay awhile 
it’s all rather boring and my feet are starting to ache but
you look ethereal in this light 
we’re creating
like leaves pulled free of stems and 
dancing through the air, 
musical notes in the wind.

Play me a melody
I’ll dance like the
autumn leaves 
showering the world in colours as 
temporarily beautiful as I.
Bubbles within water
within deep underwater caves
still for eternities, 
have lasted longer than I,
and vanished.
Will I dissapear as well? 
Dance with me, and whisper in my ear
about fading leaves and eternal bubbles
and silly things, and 
we’ll laugh.

A thought wandered by earlier
It got lost on the way and 
I forgot to bring it back
Does it call out to me?
All I hear is this music, like a heartbeat
I am unable to live without. 
Lifelines and ribbons 
I close my eyes and see dancing stars
does that make us stars, too? 
burning away together
bright orange embers that dance 
settled into temporary existence. 

Like the leaves and
bubbles and
burning embers
dance with me 
just for a little while 
inside this soft melody that
holds me in an embrace. And then 
we’ll burn away 
and surrounded by stars we’ll finally 

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