Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Driving out over the highway, 
where the roads are long and broad and 

I wanted them to go on forever, 
simultaneously, the thought of walking
someplace entirely new, getting lost with you

lights speckling doorways and window awnings 
neon signs that flicker over empty store ways 

An entire town, deserted 

A giant trampoline, soft wicker chairs,
curtains blowing softly and carpets to sink into

The faintest hum of families and the smell of thanksgiving 
Hot HOT chocolate with too much whipped cream and 
burning our tongues 

Black sweaters and tan bedspreads and breath... 

(He’s got a secret mole over his right eyelid and 
a not so secret one on his right cheekbone)

Autumn colours that bleed into blackwood and yellow grass 

car rides and eyelids half closed, trees that fly by
and the smell of cotton and fall and everything else.

Wooden floors are cold and your legs are warm 
So let’s curl into each other until 
our bodies are as contrastingly puzzled as 
our minds are not.  

And it’s enough, it’s more, it’s the closest thing i’ve ever felt

To complete, spectacular… something.  

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