Monday, February 20, 2017

Gratitude in Interlude

I used to watch people.

I used to watch married couples. Their smiles, 
the small touches, the gestures, 
secret kisses, unique embraces 
The way they looked at each other. 

I watched close friends, their practised banter
inside jokes and interchangeable speech. 
What’s it like knowing someone as you come to know yourself?
Is it a blessing or curse? (I wonder)

And observing family, a part of me
so damn proud, watching them 
fly higher and higher
and I tell everyone with pride, of their stories.

I felt endless wanting, I craved. 
All those things.

an example of love, my godfather
with a romance like forest fire, 
ever changing, never dying 
there’s sure to be heat, burn, smoke- yet it never EVER 
overshadows the lights, the brilliance, the youth.

Friends… His three companions.
(Let’s examine, shall we?) 
Friend One's never-ending support, his heart of gold. 
Friend Two's gentle sternness, her soft kindness,
and Three's generosity, and selflessness

(Between the small moments 
were big ones. Shared tears 
and secrets and 
shoulders to 
lean on)

And finally, my mother.
Her hair wild, eyes alive and black scars of liberation, 
Yet she is serene, patient- the eye of the storm that tries to control her. 
My highest, most ambitious aspiration. 
(Did you know I was born from greatness?)

I suppose what I’m getting at is that
there is so much love in the world
and so many different kinds. 
and somewhere along all my covetous searching 
Everything I yearned for fell into my lap.  

Friendships that move me to tears of joy,
Family that are ready to catch me when I am sure
to stumble and fall, over and over. 
And a Love that burns like fire, hot and lingering. 

Escaping like paper cranes 
in midnight musings out the
windows of my mind, wings beat against my eyelashes.
Gratitude in interludes.

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